Magellan RoadMate 360 2.9-Inch Portable GPS Navigator

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Magellan RoadMate 360 2.9-Inch Portable GPS Navigator Description

Product Packaging:Standard Packaging Product description 980668-20 Roadmate 360 – Magellan Roadmate 360 portable GPS unit- Preloaded with maps of the United States and Canada (no need for downloads)- WAAS EGNOS (3 meter range)- Color touch screen- Turn-by-turn voice and visual guidance- Quickly input addresses or find restaurants, ATMs, hotels, etc.- Multi-destination routing- Automatic re-route calculation- 1.5 Million points of interest- Choose your route method (avoid toll roads, use freeways, etc.)- View your position on the built-in detailed map- Initial GPS fix can take up to 15 minutes- Vehicles with a coated or heat reflective windshield may require and external GPS antenna (not included)- Silver Package Contents:- GPS receiver- SD card preloaded with maps/data preinstalled in receiver- Windshield mount and cigarette lighter adapter power cable- USB cable- AC power adapter- CD-ROM manualMGROAD360 Sporting a convenient windshield mount and preloaded maps of all 50 U.S. states, Puerto Rico, and Canada, the Magellan RoadMate 360 GPS makes vehicle navigation a snap. To get from point A to point B, simply touch the screen to enter an address or select from nearly two million points of interest (POI). Once the destination is clear, the RoadMate 360 delivers friendly voice prompting and turn-by-turn guidance, helping you find your way across town or across the country. The directions are displayed in TrueView 3-D format, with three convenient guidance screens, while the voice prompts help keep your eyes focused on the road when the traffic is heavy. Plus, the POIs aren’t limited to just restaurants, hotels, and gas stations; they also include such locations as grocery stores, golf courses, museums, amusement parks, parking garages, ski resorts, and more. The RoadMate 360 employs Magellan’s TrueFix technology to ensure reliable accuracy within three meters. TrueFix tracks 12 GPS satellites plus two Wide-Area Augmentation Satellites (WAAS) to find your position on the map, so you’ll always know where you are and where you’re going. And the maps are easy to decipher thanks to the 2.9-by-2.2-inch high-resolution TFT LCD full-color display. The display’s three guidance screens include TrueView, which shows a detailed view of the actual road layout, with upcoming turns and info on intersection maneuvers; MapView, with super-bright, easy-to-read, zoomable icons and text dispersed on a detailed, high-resolution map; and a Maneuver List, which tells you when and where to expect turns along the route. Meanwhile, Magellan’s Trip Planner makes it easier than ever to navigate journeys with multiple destinations. Should you need to get gas, visit the ATM, and stop by the florist before heading to the restaurant for Mom’s birthday, you can simply preprogram your trip, and the RoadMate 360 figures out the easiest route. It’s much less hassle than re-entering destination points after every stop. Other ways of navigating include choosing the shortest route, finding a path with the fewest toll roads or freeways, or choosing a route with the most freeways. And should one route prove problematic because of heavy traffic or a closed road, the RoadMate 360 will automatically calculate a new path. Finally, the RoadMate 360 is remarkably easy to use. Installation is effortless–simply mount it on the windshield, plug in the power cord, and you’re ready to go. The unit requires no additional wiring, and users can transfer the device from car to car or simply tuck it in a briefcase or suitcase when on the road. Once you sit down in your rental car, you’ll have a comprehensive map at your fingertips. In addition, the unit automatically turns on each time you start the car, so you don’t even need to mess with an on/off button. Additional features include an address book that stores up to 200 personal or business destinations per user (for a total of 600); an Instant Locate function that immediately describes your current location, a must in case of emergency or need for roadside assistance; and QuickSpell technology, which suggests street and city matches after you type the first few letters of a destination. The RoadMate 360 measures 6.2 by 3.1 by 1.2 inches (W by H by D) and is backed by a one-year warranty on parts and labor. What’s in the Box RoadMate 360 GPS, pre-installed Secure Digital (SD) card, windshield mount, power cord, and user’s manual.

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