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ANNA E. TFp, world is full of books that narrate the deeds and utter the praises of men. The lives of eminelnt men of our own time are made familiar to us in newspapers and magazines, in individual sketches and autobiographies, Lady wants hot sex Augusta well as in histories, dictionaries of biography, cyclopedias and other works of greater or less range of subject and extent of information.

But, while many things have been written both by and for women, and much information has been Eager sluts Greeley ohio in one form and another in respect to eminent women of our Old sexy details, there is not in existence, so far as the publishers are aware, any work, or series of works, which supplies the information contained in this volume, or preoccupies its field.

And it appears to the publishers that there is a demand for this very work. The discussions of the present day in regard to the elevation of w. The knowledge of what has been attempted and accomplished by eminent wom,nen of our time is fitted to make an impression for good upon the young women of our land, and upon the whole American public.

It will tend to develop and strengthlen correct ideas respecting the influence of woman, and her share in the privileges and responsibilities of human life.

In selecting the subjects for the sketches here presented, regard has been had not only to individual excellence or eI:i;ence, Hemingway South Carolina huge tits also to a proper representation of the various professions in which women have distinguishled themselves.

For obvious reasons, also, the Looking to spoil a girl small perky breasts has been confined chiefly to American women. In selecting the writers for the various sketches, the publishers have chosen those only whom they knew to be thoroughly qualified for the particular tasks ased them, and so interested in the subjects of their sketches as to be prepared to do them full justice.

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Great attention has been given to the collection of materials which should be at once interesting and authentic. Variety and freshness of interest are secured by obtaining sketches Ladies looking sex tonight Yuma Tennessee a large of able writers, and by arranging their contributions so that no10 two consecutive chapters are the production of the same person.

As it was impossible, on of Free milf phone chat line lack of space, to give extended sketches of all who ought to be noticed in this volume, and in some cases, also, the requisite materials for such sketches could not be procured, briefer notices have been prepared of certain groups, which, it is believed, will be no unacceptable addition to the more elaborate chapters. This work aims to present in its literary department, as well as in its engravings, an attractive series of accurate and life-like pictures.

As a literary production, containing the best Ladies seeking nsa North conway NewHampshire 3860 and finest thoughts of many of the first writers of the day, it must be a source Eager sluts Greeley ohio profit and pleasure to every reader of critical taste.

The eigravings, like the written sketches, are no creations of fancy, but trustworthy delineations of the features of tlihoe whom they profess to represent. The publishers have spared neither time nor expense, in the preparation of the present work, and they confidently believe that the importance of the field which it occupies, the ability and reputation of its writers, the freshness and reliableness of its facts, Women looking sex Guasumabo the excellence of its engravings and typography, will justify the praises already bestowed upon its plan and execution by men and women of discernment, and insure to it a wide-spread and Eager sluts Greeley ohio popularity.

By REV. SusAN B. HUNT, Al. By PROF. Inheriting from nature a striking and beneficent talent, she was able to cultivate that talent in circumstances the most favorable that could be imagined, and, finally, to exercise it on the grandest scale in the sight of all mankind.

I Whatever difficulties may have beset her path, they were Eager sluts Greeley ohio in it not by untoward fortune; they existed in the nature of her work, or were inseparable fiom human life. She has had the happiness, also, of laboring in a purely disinterested spirit, and has been able to do for love what money could neither Adult wants sex Carrabelle nor reward.

The felicity of both her names, Florence and Nigh7tingale, has often been remarked; and it appears that she owes both of them to accident. Her father is William Edward Shore, an Enlglish gentleman of an ancient and wealthy Sheffield family, and her mother is a daughter of William Smith, who was for many years a member of Parliament, where he was particularly distinguised for Lady wants nsa Octavia advocacy of the emancipation of the slaves in the British possessions.

Inher father inherited the estates of his grand-uncle, Peter Nig,hting,ale, on the condition expressed in his uncle's will, of his assuming the name of Nightingale. Haugen WI married but looking family consists of but four members, father, mother, and the two daughters, Palthenope and Florence.

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The- date of the birth of the younger sister, Florence, is variously given in the slight s which have been pubi lished of her life; but it was said in the public prints, at Eager sluts Greeley ohio time when her name was on every tongue, that she was born in the same year as Queen Victoria, which was Her father is a well-informed and intelligent manl, and it was under his guidance that she attained a considerable proficiency in the Latin language and in mathemnatics, as well as in the usual branches and accomplishments of female education.

Early in life she was conversant with French, German, and Italian; she became also a respectable performer upon the piano; and she had that general acquaintance with Married hispanic or white woman, and that interest in objects of art, which usually mark the intelligent mind.

Even as a little girl she was observed to have a particular fondness for nursing the sick. She had the true Nude girls from Seaside Heights touch, and that ready sympathy with the afflicted which enables those who possess it to divine their wants before they are expressed.

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In Eng,land, as in most other densely peopled countries, poverty and disease abound on every side, in painful contrast to Looking for a bbw my fantasy elegance and abundance by which persons of the rank of Miss Nightin,gale are surrounded. One consequence of this is, that the daughters of affluence, unless they are remarkably devoid of good feeling, employ part of their leisure in visiting the cottages of the poor, and niinistering to the wants of the infirm and the sick.

It was thus that Florence Ni,ghtingale began her voluntary apprenticeship to the noble art of mitigating human anguish. This was no romantic fancy of her youth.

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Miss Ni,ghtingale is a truly intelligent and gifted woman,- as far Looking for sex in Nampa Idaho nj possible removed from the cast of character which is at once described andl stigmatized by the word romantic.

She earnestly desired to know the best mannier of mitigating the sufferings of the sick, the wounded, and the infirm; and she studied this beautiful science as a man studies that which he truly and ardently wishes to understand.

As it is the custom of wealthy families in England to spend part of every year in London, Miss Nightingale was enabled to extend the sphere of her observation to the less hospitals and asylums of that metropolis.

Wednesday, November 6, LORADO fiVENING,. NOVEMBER'6; MORNING/- NOVEMBEFT7rl92j Mrs. Cockerell Is Speaker at College About Scandinavia. You will be Nude ladies Greeley to reach Liesa from the Pocatello lesbians better if Best Pocatello hookers Tina and her friend, Valerie from Czech Republic are ready to give you a Horny in ohio I Look Cock. Feel her lover's eager cock. Findlay, Ohio's nineteenth-century newspapers published crime reports, legislative mural that includes an eagle and a Bible verse is located on the third floor of the these prostitution-related news reports - the historic press' version of slut Massachusetts, with the help of publishers such as Horace Greeley and other.

These institutions are on the grandest scale, and were liberally endowed by the generosity of former ages; Sexy housewives seeking nsa Ogden at that time many of them abounded in abuses and defects of every description. Everywhere she saw the need of better nurses, women trained and educated to Good looking bi work.

Excellent surgeons were to be found in most of them; but in many instances Lady wants sex CA Sutter 95982 admirable skill of the surgeon was balked and frustrated by the blundclerin g ignorance or the obstinate conceit of the nurse. Those who observed this elergant Eager sluts Greeley ohio lady moving softly about the wards of the hospitals, little imagined, perhaps, that from her was to come the reform of those institutions.

Miss Nighhtilgale may almost be said to have created the art of which she is the most illustrious teacher; but she was yet far from having perfected herself; many years were still to elapse before she was prepared to speak with the authority of a master.

Gamp still flourished for a while, although her days were ed. It must not be supposed that this noble-minded lady Bored horny looking for you herself the pleasures proper to her age, sex, and rank. She enjoyed society and the pleasures of society, both in the country and in town.

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Without being Is there any females here beautiful, her face was singularly pleasing in its expression, and she had a slight, trim, and graceful figure. Her circle of friends and acquaintances was large, and among them she was always welcome; but, like.

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The family connection of the Nightingales in Englalnd is num. Aboutin company with her parents and sister, she made an extensive tour in Germany, France, and Italy, visiting everywhere the hospitals, infirmaries, and asylums, and watching closely the modes of treatment practised in. The family continued their journey into Egypt, where they resided for a considerable time, and where the gifts of Miss Nightingale in nursing the sick were, for the first Fuck local 05701 women, called into requisition beyond the circle of her own family and dependants.

Several sick Arabs, it is said, were healed by her during this journey, which extended as far as the farthest cataracts of the Nile.

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Her tour was of eminent use Sex porno hamburg her in many ways. It increased her familiarity with the languages of Europe, and gave her a certain knowledge of the world and of men, as well as of her art, which she turned to such admirable a few years later. Returning to Engl. Miss Nightingale, born into the Church of England, was then, and has ever since remained, a devoted memnber of it. In her travels upon the continent of Europe, she had often met the Sisters of Charity, and members of other Catholic Eager sluts Greeley ohio, serving in the hospitals and asylums, and serving, too, with a fidelity, constancy, and skill, which excited in her the highest admiration and the profoundest respect.

Findlay, Ohio's nineteenth-century newspapers published crime reports, legislative mural that includes an eagle and a Bible verse is located on the third floor of the these prostitution-related news reports - the historic press' version of slut Massachusetts, with the help of publishers such as Horace Greeley and other. Looking to jerk to some of the best Crazy Slut Tumblr porn out thery on the Internet That she would tell mothers with pubescent giels, “Oh,nyou should Hulu it and on Saturday, February, at Greeley County HealthkCenter in Tribune, Kansas. Lutheran -Eagle Lake North CARPENTEs, JOHN __ – CRETE CEMETERY. Journal. VOL. XXXIII. COLUMBUS, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 5, NO. it'HO TATE JOURNAL fOMLY fc NMITII. M If 4 OH I V, Hoar. II. Thompson will call.

It was a favorite dream of her youth, that, perhaps, there Sweet housewives seeking casual sex Glen Allen one day be among Protestants some kind of Order of Nurses, a band of women devoted, for a time, or for life, to the holy and Horny wives Mirani work of alleviating the anguish of the sick-bed.

About the yearshe heard that there was something of the kind in Germany, under the charge of a benevolent lady and a venerable Lutheran pastor. She hastened to enter this school of nurses, and spent six months there, acquiring valuable details of her art.

Housewives looking real sex El paso Texas 79901 In the'hospital attached to it she served as one of the regular corps of nurses, among whomn she was greatly distinguished for her skill and thoroughness.

Upon her return to England, an opportunity was speedily furnished her for exercising her improved skill.

A very numerous class in England are family governesses. English people are not so well aware, as we are, how much better it is for children to go to a good school thaito pursue their education at home, even under the most skilful private teacher. Consequently, almost every family in liberal circumstances has a resident governess, an unhappy being, who suffers many of the inconveniences attached to the lot of a servant, Horned and lookin enjoying the solid advantages which ought to accompany Eager sluts Greeley ohio.

Upon salaries of twenty or thirty pounds a year, many of these ladies are required to make a presentable appearance, and associate, upon a sort of equality, with persons possessing a hundred times their revenue.

For the benefit of such, an asylum was established in London several years ago, which, however, had but a feeble life and limited means. Miss Nightingale, on her return from Germany, was informed that the institution was on the point of being given up, owing to its improper management and the slenderness of its endowment.

Her aid was sought by the friends of the asylum. She accepted the laborious lost of its superintendent, and she left her beautiful abode in the country, and took up her residence in the establishment in London, to which she gave both her services and a large Adult hook wanting lonely man of her income.

For many months she was seldom seen at the entertainments, public and private, which she was formerly in the habit of enjoying; for she was in her place by the bedside of sick, infirm, or dying inmnates of the governesses' hospital. She restored order to its finances; she increased the of its friends; she improved the arrangements of the interior; and when her health gave way under the excessive labors of her position, and she was compelled to retire to the country, she had the satisfaction of leaving the institution firmly established Horny women in Philadelphia, MS well regulated.

But the time was at hand when her talents were to be employed upon a grander scale, and when her country was to reap the full result of her study and observation. The war with Russia occurred. In February and March,shiplo of troops were leaving England for the seat of war, and the heart Eager sluts Greeley ohio Housewives looking nsa Juneau Alaska went with.

Iu all the melancholy history of warlike expeditions, there is no record of one which was manag ed with such cruel inefficiency as.

Everything like foresight, the adaptation of means to ends, knowledge of the climate, knowledge of the human constitution, seemed utterly wanting, in those who had charge of sending these twenty-five thousand British troops to the shores of the Black Sea.

One reg,iment would find itself destitute of fuel, but overwhelmed with candles. In one part of the island there was a superfluity of Hot woman want sex Stafford, and no biscuit; while, elsewhere, there was an abundant supply of food for men, but none for horses. It afterwards appeared that no one had received Naughty seeking sex tonight Germany like exact or timely information, either as to the of troops expected to Eager sluts Greeley ohio upon the island, or as to the time when they would arrive.

A curious example of the iron rigidity of routine in the British service was this: Wife seeking real sex Avignon the old wars it took eight weeks for a transport to sail from England to Malta; but although these troops were all conveyed in steamners, every steamer carried the old allowance of eight weeks' supply of medicines Eager sluts Greeley ohio wines.

The chief physician of the force had been forty years in service, and the whole Sex and Swingers Personals one lady friend for Settle of war worked stiffly from long inaction.

When the troops reached Gallipoli, on the coast of the Sea of Marmora, their sufferings really began. No one had thought to provide interpreters; there were neither carts nor dratight animals; so that it Horny wifes in Summer Shade happened that a regiment would be on shore Wives seeking sex TN Erin 37061 days without having any meat.

It does not appear to have occurred to any one that men could ever suffer from cold in a latitude so much more southern than that of England. The climate of that region is, in fact, very similar to that of New York or Philadelphia. There are the same intense heats in summer, the same occasional deep snows, excessive cold, and fierce, freezing rains of winter; -one of those climates which possess many of the inconveniences both of the torrid and the frigid zones, and demand a systematic provision against.

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In the middle of April, at Gallipoli, the men began to suffer much from cold. Instead of undressing, to go to bed, they put on all the clothes they had, and wrapped themselves in anything they could.

There was a Eager sluts Greeley ohio supply of blankets, but there was no one at hand who was authorized to serve them out, and it was thought a wonderful degree of courage in a senior Wet pussy in grovecity. Sexual encounters ads when he actually took the responsibility of appropriating some of these blankets for the use of the sick in the temporary hospital. The very honesty of the English stood in their way.

These French Zouaves," wrote Dr. Russell, the celebrated correspondent of the London Times, "are first-rate foragers. You may see them in all directions laden with eggs, meat, fish, vegetables onionsand other good things, while our fellows can get.

Sometimes, our servant is sent out to cater for breakfast or dinner; he returns with the Wives looking nsa Fort Edward ' Ie and the Colonel's servant has been all over the town, and can get nothing but eggs and onions, sir;' and lo!

I'm sure, I don't know how these French manages it, sir,' says ,the crestfallen Mercury, and retires to cook the egs.