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I m looking for a text buddy I Search Man

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I m looking for a text buddy

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I want to come over and hang. I'm looking for a female ready to enjoy a great time in the bedroom. But the way you handled it and told me I ruined your whole life was uned .

Name: Antonina
Age: 50
City: Racine, Kalkaska County, Franconia, Wall Township
Hair: Silver
Relation Type: Horney Lonely Looking Dating Single Mother
Seeking: Looking Vip Sex
Relationship Status: Not married

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Hey guys and gals. So I've gotten some really great advice on here so I want to inquire about something and see how to handle this situation the right way.

Okay so I started to talking to this guy recently, it's been exactly two weeks today actually since we started speaking. We started talking Someone speciala true slut a mutual friend, he thought I was pretty asked for my yadda yadda.

Okay so he invited me to one of his shows last weekend and I decided to go he plays in a band however we could not speak at all during his show since he was obviously playing loves park illinois il 61111 I could only stay an hour.

I got to say hi to him real quick but that was it, and he told me during the set break he went crazy trying to look for me but the place we were in was PACKED, okay fair. In the days after I tried to hint that we should actually hangout so we can actually get to speak to one another and Hot ladies seeking nsa Chester mentioned a day and then invited me to another one of his shows.

I told him I had something going on the day of his show so I couldn't make it, which I did, but in reality I think going to another one Adult sex Mesa people dating his shows is pointless as we can't really speak and get to know each other in that type of setting.

So he mentioned possibly Monday hanging out I said okay to let me know. Well last night was one of his shows and we were texting the whole day and at night I asked him if Monday might still be good for him to hangout and he actually never answered that message.

SO this is what I'm really confused about, he sensual massage regina ns seeked me out and asked for my in the first place because he was interested and thought I was "so pretty" and has texted me pretty much everyday all day for the last 2 weeks. He has initiated almost ALL contact, but why won't he put in the effort to hangout with me.

Inviting me Ladies seeking real sex Lind his shows is not hanging out and getting to know me.

And the fact that he didn't answer my last message inquiring about hanging out kind of bothers me. I Brookings girls want black fuck want to waste anymore of my time texting someone all the time that I don't even know if I like in person!

That's why I actually want to hangout with him and see if there's compatibility not just via text message.

So, is he just looking for a texting buddy? Is it possible he's too nervous to hangout with me or just doesn't care enough?

How should I go about this now and bring it up to him without sounding crazy haha. All answers are welcome Thanks for the read.