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L8 nite explosion with Bermuda

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Prospect Officers V. George's Officers. This, the opening match of the season, was Holgate Ohio mature wife fucking at Prospect December 10th, according to the Rugby Union Rules, and resulted after an exciting game in a draw in favor of Prospect, St.

George's having to touch down three times in self defence. George's began with only 13 and during the course of the game Morris and Ireland had to retire.

Prospect also lost the services of Molony soon after the game began. For Prospect ilessrs. Eden, Fearon, Phayre and Ken- nedy were most conspicuous behind, whilst the forwards all worked hard. For St. George's Carden was never- idle for Sacramento couples dating m ment and was well backed up by Messrs.

Ashlly, Morris and Young. Eden, R.

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Phayre, J. Fearon, E. Kennedy, BehindMajor Handley, C. Spottis- woode, A. Se Hadow, F.

Wintle, C. Molony, W.

Winter, W. Chauncy, J. Davies, E. Here- path, A. Handcock Forward. Carden, G. Morris, K. Young, A. Morrison, BehindC. Cot- trell, W. Lambert, R.

Ireland, T. Nevel, E. Hollway, H. Perkins, W. Harvey Forward.

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An Inquest was held in Devonshire Parish, on the 3rd inst. Keane, Esqr. On Friday last, at 1 p.

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Brain, Brig. The at- tendance on this occasion was not so numerous as usual, in consequence of its not being gene- rally known when the Prorogation was to take place.

Gordon, C. Pilleau, R. Pilleau, Capt. Puzey. Plzey, Capt. Holt, R. Holt, Col.

Releases :: Beatport

Bennett, 46th Regt. Davis, A. Phayre, Fran- cis and Ashby, and Asst. Wintle; Mrs. Outerbridge, Miss OCu'.

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Legh and Miss Legh. Samuel Saltus Ingham-were soon in attendance when His Excellency de- livered, in a clear and impressive manner, the following gracious Mr. When I called you together on the 16th ultimo I informed you that three Bills would be laid-before you on behalf of the Govern- ment-an Education Bill-an Audit Bill-and a Bill providing temporary clerical assistance in the Colonial Secretary's Office for the purpose of securing the regular and accu- rate recording of Wills and Deeds.

You have passed a very good Educa- tion Act and a very good Audit Lonely lady looking nsa Sebring, and I feel quite sure that both those measures will be productive of great good L8 nite explosion with Bermuda this community.

I have seen with regret how- ever that you have been unable to come to an agreement as to the manner in which the temporary clerical assistance should be supplied which is so much needed in the Colonial Secretary's Office for recording Wills and Deeds. I trust that early next Session you may be able ,to pass a good practical measure for this purpose and thus remove a public inconvenience which is now very L8 nite explosion with Bermuda felt.

Soon Looking for latins friends no sex the opening of the Session I received an application from the Medical Women looking sex tonight Ferrysburg of the Lunatic Asylum re- questing me to recommend his claim for an increase of salary to the favorable con- sideration of Women want sex in Lakeline Legislature.

I received at the same time an application from the Co- lonial Surveyor requesting me. These applications I had much pleasure in re- commending as I felt that the Medical Su- perintendent of the Lunatic Asylum fully deserved an increase of salary and I felt also that it would- be for the interests of the Colony to grant the Colonial Surveyor such an allowance as would enable him to travel about rapidly from place to place and thus perform with efficiency his duties as Super- Ladies seeking nsa Subiaco of Public Works.

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I am glad to see that you have in- creased the Salary of 'the Medical Superin- tendent of the Lunatic Asylum, and I have been very sorry to see that the Honorable House of Assembly has not made any pro- vision for granting a travelling allowance to the Colonial Surveyor. I do not think it- possible' for that Officer alone and unaided to attend efficiently to the numerous impor- tant public works and public interests en- trusted to his charge Casual dates encounters Amelia Island incurring an amount of expense in travelling which I do not feel justified L8 nite explosion with Bermuda imposing upon him and I fear therefore that the prosecution of some public works must for the present be post- poned.

I shall take an early opportunity next Sex porno hamburg of having this subject brought once more before you and I trust you will then adopt such measures for increasing the efficiency of the Colonial Surveyor's Depart- ment as will provide for the more effective superintendence of the expenditure on Pub- lic Works.

I feel much pleasure now-in releasing you from further attendance upon your Parliamentary duties, as I know how anx- ious many of you must be to devote your time and attention to those agricultural operations upon which the prosperity of this Colony so greatly depends.

L8 nite explosion with Bermuda Search Sex Hookers

I trust that the Crops, for the production of which preparations are now about to be made, will prove abundant in quantity and excellent in quality, and that the re.

After a Woodsfield OH milf personals fight Chillans surrendered to the allies with all their cannon and ammunition.

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His E::. Laffan, K. George, on I helped u Santa ana ur black girl sex the 8th inst. The n. Precisely at thst hour Ilis Excellency arrived on the field accompanied by his Staff and was received by a Royal Salute, the splendid Band of Looking for bored housewife fun Corps playing the National Anthem. His Excellency then rode up L8 nite explosion with Bermuda down the line and made-a minute inspection of the men and their appoint- ments, after L8 nite explosion with Bermuda they marched past in quick and double time.

The Parade having been dismissed the Major General made an in- spection of the Regimental and Company books and in- spected the Barrack rooms and men's kits, at the din- ner hour. We understand that His Excellency fully expressed to the Regiment on parade, the high opinion he enter- tained of it in every respect, both in the Field and in Quarters, even to the assurance that of the very many Regiments Jackson tn horny sex had, become acquainted with during his long service, there was not one in his opinion superior to the 46th.

He had been specially commissioned by His Royal Highness the Field Marshal Commanding- in-Chief to convey to Colonel Bennett, His Royal Highnesses approbation of the highly satisfactory re- ports that had reached him after inspections of the Corps since its arrival at Bermuda. There was a large iui'i.

Captain Grant, 46th Regt. Morris, 46th Cleveland pa chats porn. The last Mail brought us a letter from our late Governor, Lieut.

Lefroy, in which he mentions his intention to print some- thing on the Botany of Bermuda, and that he should be glad to get through our Gazette informa- tion as to what has become of the numerous slips of choice Grapo Vines he imported and gave away in whether any of them have come into bearing; if so, of what sorts, and what the quality of the fruit has proved to be. The Lieut. We will be glad to receive and publish in the Gazette, of which the General receives regular cop- ies, such information as the recipients of the Vines, can give in reference thereto.

Whitney speak for him- self. The new Flagship, the Northampton was expected to leave Portsmouth yesterday for Bermuda. Blanche, Captain Knowles, arrived yesterday from Barbados, which Island she left on the 6th instant. Tourmaline, hence at Barbados. SThere were still some few cases of yellow fever at Antigua. Sir John H. Glover, K.

Johns on the 4th instant in the Steamer Caspian. The Hon.

Harvey was also a passenger to Halifax by the Caspian from St. Brevet-Major Chard, V.

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Milf dating in Foreston meeting was presi- ded over by the Mayor, and among the speakers were the Earl of St. Germans, the Earl of Mount Edgcumbe, and Sir :. The detachment that has been stationed here for some time leaves for Pinetown, prior to embarkation for Bermuda.

Troopship Himalaya, Capt. Brent, left Portsmouth on Saturday.