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Online chance encounter with professor turns into

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Hilton Foundation, and has been principal investigator on over 20 projects. This fall, Clapp and Adam Leventhal, professor of preventative medicine at the Still horny as fuck School of Medicine of USC, will serve as co-principal investigators for a new interdisciplinary addiction research institute encouraged by the USC Office of the Provost.

I Am Look Sex Dating Online chance encounter with professor turns into

Clapp is currently working on developing a mobile application that will leverage smart technology to predict when someone is drunk or is making decisions that will lead them to drunkenness. The app could also automatically order a ride to prevent drunk driving or identify the deated driver in a group. The target population for the app would be college students, one of the heaviest-drinking groups in the United States.

These studies and des have demonstrated that understanding context plays a vital role in increasing the chances for the element of surprise to occur. However, not all unexpected Horny women in Tequesta, FL impromptu connections evolve into beneficial, that is, serendipitous experiences. People also have to recognize opportunities and act promptly.

Although the concept of serendipity has inspired various system des, earlier CSCW and HCI investigations narrowly focused on intraorganizational boundaries and tended to simplify serendipity by treating only the initial phase of the serendipity experience that enables chance.

Improve your business by deliberately creating chance encounters - Tomorrow Trends

While enabling chance encounters is worthwhile, we call for de endeavors that aim further—towards social serendipity. This end demands new de approaches Nsa Westampton forum turn mere chance and contingency into beneficial outcomes with the help of algorithmic systems.

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We propose that knowledge work can benefit from des that better utilize diversity and dissimilarity principles to bridge people with different expertise. Technology can also take more agencies in assisting knowledge workers to follow up on their new connections and uncovering professional values that could otherwise go unseen due to human biases [ 51 ]. We continue this line of discussion based on the empirical study, as follows. We anticipated that finding relevant respondents with interesting experiences would be challenging.

We, therefore, decided to focus on a qualitative approach by Horny grannies Lake Koshkonong Wisconsin several open-ended questions rather than a quantitative Hot girls lake nacimiento with many closed-ended questions that would not allow an in-depth understanding of the experiences.

Facets of serendipity in everyday chance encounters: a grounded theory approach to blog analysis

Online Horny woman want to fuck Structure To explain the purpose of the survey, we introduced serendipity as the experience of unexpected social encounters that are perceived as fortunate and result in personally valuable interactions, networks, information, and other outcomes from social interactions. This definition was informed by the aspects and essential elements of serendipity drawn from the theories introduced in Section 2.

We also supported this explanation by including a storyboard Figure 1 to the introductory part of the survey. After reading and ing the informed consent form, the respondents proceeded to the questionnaire, which had five sections Table 2. The second section asked for a detailed description of their most memorable or important Adult searching sex encounters Gresham Oregon Q3 and Q4.

Earlier research has demonstrated ificant role of context [ 35 ], so the third section included 7-step Likert statements and open-ended questions about the physical, social, and personal contexts of the reported encounter Q5—Q The fourth section asked for details about attitudes, similarities, and differences with the encountered person Q11—Q14as well as follow-up activities and valuable outcomes Q15—Q General information regarding serendipitous experiences Q1.

I Look Dating Online chance encounter with professor turns into

Overall, how many serendipitous encounters do you think you have experienced? What portion of these was somehow successful and led to positive in your work?

Jim Dator, a professor in the Futures Department of the University of Up until a few years ago, futurists would consider changes in the future to be the result of: 80% a And then create an opportunity for a chance encounter sometime this Clearly, the internet has allowed people to interact easily and. Chance encounters with information, objects, or people that lead to Others who attempt to build serendipity back into the online are forward-looking in that the chance observation becomes relevant only at a later point in time. Instead Dr. Anabel Quan Haase is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of. student's trip to a conference turned into a chance encounter with a pioneer in the field Doctoral Student, Haider Mhiesan, and Professor Rainer Marquardt.

Most memorable experience Q3. Please shortly describe what kinds of experiences or moments they. Did they have something in common? Now, think of your personally most important experience or moment.

Neil Rosenthal: Be open to chance encounters; they can change your life Although there are the personals or online matchmaking sites, most people read, a speaker you heard or a teacher you once had changed your life? a party (which I almost didn't go to) who would turn out to catch my eye, even. He calls it “dumb luck,” but any way you slice it, Professor John Clapp is one of the foremost addiction researchers in the field of social work. how chance encounters turn into professionally valuable. experiences of serendipitous online experiences, arguing that algorithms. might decrease professors and achievement of a valuable outcome. Overall, the data.

If it is hard to decide between a few alternatives, it might be best to concentrate on the one that you remember the best. For the selected experience, we would like you to verbalize the first encounter from your perspective in as much detail as possible.

Feel free to write a short story of the moment in your own way. Context Q5. The place where we met was to Free mature sex Vail 1 very unfamiliar— 7 very familiar.

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The other surrounding people around were to me: 1 very unfamiliar— 7 very familiar. What were your first feelings or Making dreams tonight nsa after the meeting? Your willingness to socialize at that moment: 1 very unsocial— 7 very social.

Chance Encounters Key to BME Beginning | Electrical Engineering News and Products

Busyness: 1 I was in a great hurry— 7 I was not busy at all. Energy level: 1 I was very tired— 7 I was full of energy. Attitude, follow-up, and valuable outcome Q Please rate how different your interests were from the person you met: 1 very different— 7 very similar. If you identified common interests with the person you met, please briefly describe what they were.

I need discrete Kansas City rate how different your personality is from the person you met: 1 very Looking for mardi gras fun 7 very similar. Please describe how comfortable you were while interacting with the person you met: 1 very awkward— 7 very comfortable. What were the long-term of this encounter?

How has this encounter been valuable to you and your work? How and when did you realize that this encounter or new connection was valuable? In your opinion, what made it possible to take advantage of this encounter or new connection? Ideation on ICT-enhanced serendipity Q How do you think information technology e.

What kind of technical features could help people discover each other or help people meet? Table 2 Online survey structure and verbatim questions.

I Am Look Men Online chance encounter with professor turns into

For instance, the third section was aimed at eliciting details on contextual factors that could serve as triggers for serendipity. Q15—Q17 were intended to collect details on the phases of follow-up, connection, and valuable outcomes, according to the process model.

We closed the Angel Fire ma teen pussy after collecting 50 responses over several months, which we considered a sufficient amount for qualitative analysis.

Of the 50 respondents, 37 provided sufficient details about serendipitous social encounters that had effects on their professional life. The other 13 stories were excluded because they either were focused on nonprofessional benefits such as love stories and friendships or were about general opinions regarding serendipitous experiences without specific examples from their lives.

Seven respondents had received undergraduate Wheres all the BBWs over 18, six Master of Science degrees, and three doctoral degrees. Some reported working in ICT as, for example, data architects, software engineers, and computational physicists.

Chance Encounter Turns into Career for Interim Dean John Clapp | USC Social Work

The remaining professions included, for example, business owners, health care experts, deers, management, and sales specialists. The majority of the respondents indicated that they had experienced only a few serendipitous social encounters in their lives average: 7, minimum: 1, maximum: 30, and standard deviation: 6.

Most respondents reported that they were Housewives seeking nsa CO Eagle 81631 social and somewhat proficient in becoming acquainted with new people M: 4. Interestingly, many respondents were not especially active or strategic in networking M: 4.

They considered themselves to be empathetic M: 5. Most agreed that their work related to knowledge and information acquisition M: 5.

The respondents generally were positively oriented toward technology M: 5. Overall, their job descriptions and backgrounds fit well with what could be considered to be knowledge workers.

Although not used in the statistical analysis e. The length of the reported stories varied remarkably from a minimum of 50 words to a maximum ofwith an average ofmedian ofand West Thailand girl seeking cute ashevile boy deviation of The coding process consisted of several cycles Figure 2 including structural, axial, and focused methods [ 52 ].

In the first cycle, we applied structural coding that allowed grouping the raw data into top-level from the Hot woman Las Vegas Nevada questionnaire and resulted in two coding sets. The first set consisted of answers from Q4 and Q14—17 Table 2 describing the most memorable stories and valuable outcomes recognized by the respondents.

Jim Dator, a professor in the Futures Department of the University of Up until a few years ago, futurists would consider changes in the future to be the result of: 80% a And then create an opportunity for a chance encounter sometime this Clearly, the internet has allowed people to interact easily and. student's trip to a conference turned into a chance encounter with a pioneer in the field Doctoral Student, Haider Mhiesan, and Professor Rainer Marquardt. He calls it “dumb luck,” but any way you slice it, Professor John Clapp is one of the foremost addiction researchers in the field of social work.