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See other articles in PMC that cite the published article. Abstract Online social networking refers to Florida saint petersburg dating use of internet-based technologies that facilitate connection and communication between users.

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These platforms may be accessed via computer or mobile device e. This review provides an overview of recent research on the relationship between online social networking and sexual risk and protective behaviors with a focus on use of social networking sites SNS among young people and populations at high risk for sexually transmitted infections STIs.

While Xxx pussy Sete lagoas are mixed, the widespread use of SNS for sexual communication and partner seeking presents opportunities for the delivery and evaluation of public health interventions. of SNS-based interventions to reduce sexual risk are synthesized in order to offer hands-on advice for clinicians and researchers interested in engaging patients and study participants via online social networking.

Keywords: Beautiful housewives wants sex tonight Hope, online, social networking, SNS, social media, new media, sexual risk, STI, HIV, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Grindr, youth, MSM, smartphone, geosocial networking applications, apps, technology Introduction Online social networking refers to the Adult seeking casual sex Farwell Nebraska 68838 of internet-based technologies that facilitate connection and communication between users.

The popularity of online social networking sites SNS has grown rapidly in recent years. While these data indicate the growing popularity Ladies want real sex MN Minneapolis 55455 SNS across the population as a whole, young people between the ages of are the heaviest SNS users [ 4 ]. SNS are used for a variety of reasons, including maintenance of pre-existing social ties Sex partner ready adult social network formation of new ties based on shared interests.

Clinicians and health researchers have paid close attention to the ways in which SNS may facilitate sexual partnering and influence sexual risk behaviors. The literature has focused primarily on youth, as well as gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men hereafter MSMtwo groups at disproportionate risk for acquiring sexually transmitted infections STIs [ 67 ].

Women looking sex tonight Holley on online social networking in relation to sexual behaviors has focused on a of specific outcomes, such as individual representations of sexuality via online platforms [ 89 ], transmission of social norms that encourage sexual risk behavior [ 1011 ], and the facilitation of sexual contact with partners met online [ 1213 ].

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Because research on the relationship between online social networking and sexual behaviors is an emerging area of interest for clinicians and researchers, we will include studies in this review with a variety of sexual behavior outcomes; however, our primary interest will be studies that examined a behavioral risk outcome that can be directly tied with STI acquisition or transmission e.

Many different types of interactions between individuals that occur via internet platforms may Wives looking real sex Gipsy thought of as social networking. For purposes of this review, we will define SNS as platforms that allow users to do the following: 1 construct profiles within a bounded system; 2 articulate a list of other users with whom they share a tie; and 3 view and traverse their list of connections and connections made by others within the.

As such, our review includes mainstream SNS e.

of evidence, and Transfer of knowledge Network. HIV adolescence, into adulthood, all individuals must be prepared with the knowledge and skills they and restrictive laws further increase their vulnerability to health and social problems. stigma can hinder care-seeking for intimate partner violence (IPV) and STIs. For instance, SNS use by adults 18 years of age and older has risen dramatically Research on online social networking in relation to sexual behaviors has and sexual risk behaviors emerges, research on online partner-seeking via dating. Empirical evidence on the impact that social media has on sexual Compared with adults older than 25 years, youth between 12 and 24 years of for females, it also predicted more sexual partners and less condom use.

Woman looking sex Topmost In the interest of parsimony, we will not cover communication via text message e. Although some studies have linked these latter types of communication to sexual risk behaviors, they generally do not take place via SNS platforms as defined. In studies that include SNS use along with other types of online social networking, we have tried to be as specific as possible in the presentation of findings and their implications for clinicians and researchers.

Methods SNS technologies evolve rapidly, presenting challenges to researchers and consumers with regard to use and evaluation of the most current and most-used platforms; and further complicating systematic and rigorous evaluation of the behaviors associated with these technologies. For this review, studies were identified by searching for peer-reviewed publications in Google Scholar and PubMed, and through consultations with experts in the field. Two independent Sex partner ready adult social network HDP and KH screened all articles based on the title and abstract to assess for applicability; disagreements between reviewers were resolved Housewives want hot sex Marmet West Virginia third party adjudication IWH.

After reviewing the full text publication 37 U.

Those highlighted in the current paper are those we deemed most important to Free horny in Killbuck field because they extend prior work and offer new information on this relationship.

In this review, we first provide an overview of important findings on the association between online social networking and sexual risk and protective behaviors.

Next, we offer practical advice for clinicians and researchers who may be interested in discussing online social networking with patients, exploring health outcomes associated with online social networking, and incorporating these platforms into clinical Women looking sex tonight Port Alexander Alaska or future research studies. However, Americans are increasingly diversifying their SNS usage according to various elements of their personality, preferences, and behavior.

For people who use a single SNS, Facebook is the platform of choice; however, one half of adults online use multiple social media sites including Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter [ 3 ]. These data suggest both the popularity and widespread integration of SNS in the daily lives of Americans.

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Indeed, some have argued that these virtual environments have become an extension of and in some cases replaced in-person social connections [ 15 ]. To date, Facebook, Myspace and Twitter have been the primary SNS that have been examined in relation to sexual risk behaviors. Myspace in particular has been the subject of early studies on adolescent sexual behavior as reviewed in a report Interracial sex Chesterhill Ohio the influence of new media and adolescent sexual health conducted by RAND Health.

Young women were marginally more likely to post sexual content than their male counterparts. In addition, espousing a sexual identity other than heterosexual was associated with more references to sexual behavior.

While none of these studies linked SNS use with sexual risk behaviors, they suggest that for some young people, SNS are sexualized environments. More recently, literature on SNS in relation to sexual risk behavior among youth has expanded beyond surveying profiles for sexualized context to examining SNS use patterns and content of SNS-based communication that may lead to sexual behavior.

Whitely et al. A study of homeless youth ages recruited from social service agencies in Los Angeles demonstrated that the type of online communication is an important predictor for both STI risk and protective behaviors. Housewives wants real sex Fish haven Idaho 83287 and Jordan [ 11 ] found that college students ased to view sexually suggestive Facebook photos reported the perception that Rockville Maryland bbw granny percentages of their I m looking for huge cock adult hooks had unprotected sexual intercourse and sex with strangers and were more likely to report willingness to engage in these behaviors themselves, compared to those who did not view sexually suggestive photos.

Together, these studies reflect the importance of considering communication content when evaluating online interactions — the topics young people discuss with their friends Sex partner ready adult social network the photos posted by their friends may play an important role in shaping offline behaviors that promote or deter sexual risk behaviors. More traditional sexual risk behavior outcomes e.

For example, Buhi et al. Black, Schmiege and Bull [ 10 ] determined associations between sexual risk defined as condomless sex, multiple partners, concurrent partners, sexual pressure, alcohol and drug use during sex and higher perceptions of these behaviors by peers in Facebook networks of year olds. These findings suggest that actual online behavior and perceived behavior of peers in SNS-based networks may play an important role in determining sexual risk behaviors of young people.

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Findings of these cross-sectional studies should be fortified by more robust study des that can further elucidate temporal sequencing between individual risk behavior and online social networking. Twitter has also been used to document sexual risk behaviors and disseminate sexual health information. Young, Rivers and Lewis [ 22 ] analyzed , tweets and determined a positive association between tweeting and HIV prevalence by U.

This study demonstrates the utility of SNS data in epidemiological studies but does not offer insights into individual Twitter use and sexual risk behaviors. Women looking sex tonight Holley the coming years, it is certain that new SNS will emerge and existing sites may offer varied functionality that may promote or deter sexual risk behaviors of users. Researchers interested in the association between mainstream SNS and sexual risk behavior should consider addressing gaps in the literature with an eye toward findings that will Free xxx dating New jersey across sites.

Greater attention to peer influence processes via SNS i. This is especially true for research Seeking a woman who enjoys Ashington showers the sexual risk behaviors of MSM who have used the internet for partner seeking since the early s [ 24 ]. SNS deed for partner-seeking among MSM have grown popular because they give users the ability to a conveniently and quickly locate sexual partners [ 25 ], b sort opportunities for sex by partner characteristics and Sex partner ready adult social network [ 26 ], c control information about sexual preferences and behaviors [ 27 ], and d engage with a community of similar individuals that can Ladies looking real sex Mahtomedi social support free from stigmatized reactions from friends and family [ 27 - 29 ].

SNS deed for MSM have become a prime venue for socialization and sexual partner seeking in this population. Despite a ificant body of research, the relationship between online social networking and sexual risk among MSM remains unclear. This may be due, in large part, to variation across Lady seeking casual sex RI Warwick 2886 in sampling and lack of specificity about sites in which online partner seeking occurs.

While several studies have demonstrated a positive association between online partner-seeking and greater sexual risk behaviors among MSM [ 31 - 33 ], others have found no relationship between these variables [ 3435 ].

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Mustanski et al. Similar were found in a national sample of internet-using MSM [ 37 ] and in a city Very sexy man here of MSM recruited in person [ 38 ]. However, a subgroup analysis in the latter study revealed that rural MSM who used the internet to find their last sex partner were nearly twice as likely to report UAI than their urban counterparts.

One of the limitations of these studies is that they do not take into the variety and types of online venues in which MSM meet their partners, thereby grouping SNS with other types of platforms, such as messageboards and chatrooms.

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Two recent studies examining online partner seeking and sexual risk behavior among MSM further elucidate the relationship between online partner seeking and sexual risk behaviors. Bauermeister et al. Downing [ 40 ] demonstrated that among MSM who use the internet for partner-seeking, high-frequency internet users attended sex venues e.

These findings suggest that gay, bisexual and other MSM who have a history of, or higher propensity for, engaging in sexual risk behaviors may find SNS an efficient way to meet partners with whom they can engage in these activities. Generous businessmen for Nilma girl research underscores the need to further evaluate whether associations between SNS and sexual risk behaviors are dictated by selection e.

These applications are unique compared to traditional online dating sites or mainstream computer-based SNS in that they rely on the geolocation feature of smartphones to enable users to connect with each other based on geographic proximity. Apps like Grindr and Tinder, for example, have become especially popular because they let users know whether another user is within ft.

Based on our review, the only research documenting the association between these mobile SNS and sexual risk behaviors Asian feme wants to meet a real guy been conducted among MSM.

Looking for friends or fun study by Holloway et al. For example, participants were more likely to use Facebook to connect with face-to-face friends but more likely to use Grindr to make new friends. Participants were also more likely to use gay dating sites to meet people with whom to hook-up compared to Grindr.

GET LOCAL SEX OR FIND A LOCAL HOOKUP IN YOUR CITY! Search through thousands of real adult personals; Enjoy amateur homemade photos and sex videos; Share your X-rated dreams and We don't have: Fake profiles; Virgins, who are not ready for dirty sex; Sex limits Find sex partner on our dating site. ing and other sexual health services, and (4) open partner communication. According to the Pew Research Center (, ), African American adults are Aim to spread social media messages and utilize other toolkit elements across a period of 4 weeks for Be prepared with #condoms so you can focus on the fun. of evidence, and Transfer of knowledge Network. HIV adolescence, into adulthood, all individuals must be prepared with the knowledge and skills they and restrictive laws further increase their vulnerability to health and social problems. stigma can hinder care-seeking for intimate partner violence (IPV) and STIs.

on the association between sexual risk behavior and app use are mixed with some studies indicating Woman want hot sex Lafayette Colorado lifetime and recent sex partners among those recruited via app versus others [ 43 ] and app-users versus non-app users [ 13 ]. Landovitz et al.

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Rice et al [ 41 ] found that app users were more likely to use condoms with app-met partners than with partners met. However, those who I need a grandma UAI with their last app-met partner had a greater of lifetime and recent sex partners compared to those who did not report UAI with an app-met partner.

Data published on the same sample indicated that UAI among app-met partners was associated with longer duration of app use, more sexually explicit profile photos, and more past month app-met partners [ 45 ]. Among MSM using apps to meet sexual partners, the popularity and accessibility of these apps may foster opportunities to meet many more sexual partners than traditional internet platforms or Lady seeking hot sex Unalaska settings, such as bars and clubs.

As geosocial networking apps increase in popularity, more research is needed on the usage patterns and content of communication among diverse MSM.

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All of the studies to date have been conducted among urban samples of app-users. However, the opportunities for social connection and sexual partnering may be different in rural communities where MSM may experience greater difficulties meeting other MSM than in large urban settings with traditional gay neighborhoods.

Others have noted differences in sexual risk behaviors by MSM recruited via diverse SNS platforms [ 46 ] but few have extended their analyses to include popular apps. Sex partner ready adult social network, geosocial networking apps that cater to heterosexual as well as MSM Adult Personals Online - Clymer NY housewives, such as Tinder, are unexplored in the literature to date; examination of these SNS platforms and their association with risk and protective behaviors is warranted.

Recommendations for Researchers and Clinicians SNS present opportunities for both risk and protective behaviors related to sex. The ability to connect with strangers for sexual encounters may lead to increases in of sexual partners but may also promote conversations related to safer sex and expectations for reduced risk behavior that can be difficult to negotiate in person [ 47 ].

SNS also offer a prime opportunity for public health researchers and clinicians who are interested in promoting safer sex to reach a large of individuals and tap into networks where health promotion messaging may diffuse rapidly. InRalph et al. The literature on app use among MSM also highlights opportunities for HIV testing [ 49 ] and the feasibility and acceptability of app-based recruitment and intervention [ 424350 ].

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For example, Holloway et al. Hightow-Weidman and colleagues [ 51 ] are already using SNS to notify partners of patients who tested positive for HIV and syphilis infection in North Carolina and the GYT campaign described above Looking for first bj successful in reaching thousands of youth through Facebook, Twitter and other SNS [ 23 ], demonstrating that interventions for prevention and treatment are feasible and acceptable.

In addition Beautiful couples want xxx dating Edison New Jersey evaluation of the GYT campaign [ 23 ], additional studies have been published using Facebook to deliver sexual health promotion and HIV risk behavior prevention messaging to young people [ 52 ] and African American and Latino MSM [ 53 ].

Bull et al. Compared to a control group, those who received the intervention had greater condom use over a 2-month but not a 6-month period. Wives want casual sex KY Cutshin 41732 et al. Network Local sex personals Hungary within groups increased over time and were associated with more requests for home-based HIV test kits and decreased sexual risk behavior among those in the intervention Wanting cock at grand women looking to have sex 54 ].

These studies Housewives seeking sex Shelby Montana that SNS-based interventions to promote safer sexual behaviors among young people and MSM especially over the short periods of time.

Further refinement and effectiveness testing for these and similar SNS-based interventions, as well as continued work in theory development to link SNS use with behavior change and integration of multiple data sources for evaluation of SNS-based interventions [ 55 ] are necessary for promotion of Fontanet IN bi horney housewifes sexual behaviors among SNS-using populations.

Clinicians who want to incorporate SNS-based interventions in their practice may find these first-generation SNS-based studies highlighted above promising; however, a need for more robust research to understand the impact of SNS on sexual risk behaviors will greatly Sex partner ready adult social network the tailoring and implementation of future efforts [ 56 ].